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この花・・・ by Oki.

{You really need to see the fullsize version to see all of the great detail in this, ooh man~}

We all know Gulliver is the star of this Anime.

Hey if there are any tumblrs out there that post Eureka Seven and or Eureka Seven Ao stuff, please reblog. :3


I wanna follow more blogs that share my love in the two. :3

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From one of my favorite anime series, Eureka Seven.

I loved the series from the start, but this episode was what really got me hooked. So I decided to make a series of gifs from it, showing what I felt were the coolest and most heart-melting moments from the episode.

Consider this part 1!  I still have to make a few more gifs ^_^;
When those are done, you can see them here;

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hearts & lungs: thebeautyofgray: lalondes: thebeautyofgray: lalondes: there’s a...






there’s a fucking million-dollar industry which revolves around producing lesbian fetish porn for exclusively male audiences and instead of getting upset about that you’re choosing to shit your pants because some…

There you go. At least you got some kind of articulation of your argument in there. Anyway, if there are people out there who think that’s a problem then I’m honestly okay being a part of it. Seems like there are bigger “problems” out there. Oh wait, that’s what the original post was about. Well shit.

Additionally, there’s tons of porn out there with gay guys in it. Is that a problem too? Should I, as an asian man, be flipping the fuck out because there are white people with an asian fetish who want to look at porn of asian people? What about people who like to look at porn of young people. Damn I missed my chance, 18 year old me should have been really pissed off about that. 

So congratulations, instead of focusing on something like differential pay rates or reproductive rights, you’ve decided that blogging about some guys who like to jack off while watching girls kiss. Great, all I can say is the feminist movement is really lucky to have you. Kudos on the great strides you just made in assisting the LGBT cause too. You’ve really done something effective. 

In my eyes, YOU are the problem and the problem is the problem with tumblr. That is, too many stupid people talking too loudly about things they haven’t spent more than one neuron firing over since they’ve not got two to rub together.

I’ll go and buy a small mirror somewhere and practice smiling. I’ll practice over and over so that I can see him once again. If they tell me that I can live without hurting anyone else, I’ll let my hair sway in the wind, take a giant step onto the earth and go see him. I want to live, to say my thanks.

I will reblog this no matter how many times it comes across my dash in whatever form

It only seems like it was yesterday…

True story, all SOF memberes must be very attractive.

No stop it…



I already re-watched Eureka 7 once this year, I don’t need to do it again, I don’t need it, I don’t need it…



So true

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April Fools! From PlanetaryOratorio.


This looks like a the real deal. A good cosplay that really resemble Eureka.